January 2, 2012

2011, oh boy.

2011 was so flipping crazy.

So crazy that I couldn't finish a wrap up post until January 2nd of 2012. This year began with the two of us newly married and living in an artist loft in Chinatown. We had roommates who we love almost more than each other, and a baby bunny we thought could bring us more gracefully through the terrible New England winter months. We were legally married in Boston in the fall, and I had just graduated from Berklee College of Music. At this point, we had only one room completely to ourselves, and we were growing into a family without the room to breathe and get used to our new marriage. We also reeeally had to start to planning our fall 2011 wedding. IT SEEMED LIKE A PERFECT TIME TO START A BUSINESS.

I pulled myself together and made an office in our bedroom, did months of research, and started to understand what I loved and hated about wedding photography. I turned back to A Practical Wedding and decided to advertise my photography, and let myself turn from a portrait photographer to a wedding photographer. Thanks to Meg's sweet words, I was off to a scary good start.

On my 24th birthday San and I shot my first wedding of the season. Sandy and John were incredible! After being pronounced married, they spent about 45 seconds being in love at the top of the aisle, and gave us false hope that we would always have that much time to catch the kiss. We love them anyway.

The day after Sandy and John's amazing wedding I left with my band mate for a two week east coast tour (some crazy tour photos on there) to perform and sell Balances, the album we had made in the spring of 2011. We learned many things on tour, such as a shower on the road is easier to find than one might think, when packing cheese and yogurt in your car bring a cooler and ice packs, Vermont is really not equipped to handle a 101 degree multiple day heat wave, and google maps is better than Waze.

Flightless Buttress

Next came Yay New York. Best NYC trip of my life. Incredible few days meeting Team Practical and photographing the marriage of Anne and Leanne.

The rest of the summer and fall was a whirlwind of weddings, rental cars, and hotel rooms. And wedding planning. And we moved from Boston to Cambridge. IT SEEMED LIKE A PERFECT TIME TO START ANOTHER BUSINESS...

Tara + Dave

San began preparations for The Coffee Trike and things progressed fast. He worked his tush off from the 5th wedding through our wedding, through Christmas and finally in a few months The Trike will have its grand opening in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Conor + Kate

Conor + Rachel

Sadie + Chris

Somewhere in there we found time to plan and attend our own wedding! I managed to take a week off from editing and emailing to celebrate 11.11.11 in a barn with exactly 100 of our friends and family members. We are so incredibly excited to see how One Love Photo saw the day.

Camille + Carl

In the last two months of 2011 I became a Fairy Godmother to the adorable Jasper Platt, I did not finish editing my 2011 weddings until today, I got the flu for the 3rd New Years in a row, came to terms with the fact that my apartment may never be fully unpacked, and learned that two bunnies is better than just one. Our bunny Poppy now has a baby brother Linus.

Zach + Sarah

Thanks for everything 2011. Thank you, my amazing clients, for trusting me, feeding me, letting me photograph you even when you're overwhelmed with your wedding day, and being so wonderful. 2012 clients. I am so ready to do this again.

This time we'll start less businesses.

Becca + Molly

Happy New Year. 


  1. Congratulations Callie! Thank you for your beautiful work and wonderful talent. You are an absolute pleasure and I can't wait to recommend you to all of my friends and see what 2012 brings your way! xoxo

  2. Congratulations to you and San. I am so thrilled with the way our photos came out, you both do amazing work. Enjoy a this new year and your new marriage. I will definitely be recommending your work to any and all. Take care! xo

  3. What a year!!! We are so happy that we got to be a part of it, and that you were able to capture our first wedding day in NY so perfectly! Can't wait to see photos of your "2nd" wedding! Congratulations and happy new year Cal and San!!

    Leanne & Anne


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