September 28, 2010

week days are also good

Today is rainy and humid, much like the DAY WE GOT MARRIED! Not to be confused with our wedding day, which happens in about a year. Hopefully. If we get around to planning it ever. But we're married! The day was super awesome, and I didn't stuff up my vows too badly. These are some of the photos from our fun cocktail party. My sister took most of them, so she's not in any! Bummer.

I took this one (my dress, and my mom's hat from her own send off!!) after stringing lights in our apartment for 3 hours. Post mini self wedding photoshoot, I had graciously spared a pitiful 40 minutes to shower, get dressed, throw my hair together and clean our room. Greeeeat.

we're currently having a love affair with disposable cameras.
 ahhh everything and nothing is in focus at once!

Best marriage day ever. 

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